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A quick note about the iPod Nano

As I feared, my program to convert movie files for my Nano choked on the fourth episode of Someday’s Dreamers, which I downloaded in MKV format, and coughed up a file with no subtitles and desynched audio. Gonna have to stick with Xvid and MP4 releases. Hard-subbed of course. If you do know of a program that can deal with MKV, please let me know!

Also, the Boss headphones worked wonders and alleviated the pain of having my ear holes violated by the Nano’s original earplugs, even though I drew a lot more curious looks on the subway. In hindsight murmuring half-baked Japanese phrases as I listened to Pimsleur’s Japanese might have had something to do with it too. Oh well.

At least I got cupcakes today! (From my friend Lauren, the one who recruited me on the spot at Otakuthon 2008. All is forgiven! Chocolate washes all sins away.)

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Yesterday I received a third-generation iPod Nano from my sister as a late birthday present. I feel like an hypocrite, since I’d decried the wastefulness of MP3 players, cell phones, and other gadgets to a friend mere days ago, but… Iz so shiny!

“And it can play videos too,” my sister said as she handed it to me.

You don’t say…

Five minutes of Google-fu brought me a nifty program that can make any movie file iPod-comestible, and thus it is armed with the latest Code Geass episode (what else?) and episode 02 of Birdy Decode that I braved this morning’s 40-minute public transit commute to work. Bringing anime to the masses, that’s me!


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