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Tonight's MC: Kyouka on catnip!

Welcome, dear readers, to the first edition of the Midseason Awards, wherein I shall take a look at the best, worst, and most average shows of the season! If you’ve been following my writing since the start few of the discussions below will surprise you, but hey, we should all step back from time to time lest we miss the forest for the trees. If you’re new around here then I hope this post will serve as a window into my anime watching habits and as a summary of the summer’s TV series thus far.

Put on your fanciest tuxedo, slap on a pair of catgirl ears, and let the ceremonies begin!



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Earlier this week I discussed some of the new TV series that summer 2008 has brought our way, and after catching a few more shows after that post, I’m happy to report that the new season isn’t a complete failure and that there’s more to see than loli panty shots.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Oh wait, THERE IS.

Anyway, clicky clicky for the rest!


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