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Review: Kaiba

Faster than a speeding bullet, here I come, bearing a Kaiba review hot on the heels of its last episode! I won’t mince words: this was my favorite TV series so far this year, an emotional rollercoaster set in a dystopian animated future. Want to know more? You know what to do!

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I’ve been waiting for weeks for my fansubber of choice to finally release the third part of Naisho no Tsubomi. The show follows a handful of fifth-graders and their struggles with the changes that puberty brings to their lives. Not that exciting a description, no? And yet, it ranks as one of my favorite shows thus far! Clicky below for more.

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Now and Then, Here and There is a critically-acclaimed TV series from a few years ago that features a crazy militaristic leader, a magical water girl and plenty of emotionally scarring moments. Worth the watch? You’ll have to check out the review to find out!

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What is this? Another review so soon? Aye, the gods of Productivity have splashed me in the face with buckets of inspiration, and I must share with you, dear readers! This time I review Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, one of my favorite anime TV series of all time.

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Review: Kurenai

Here it is, my first official anime review! I picked Kurenai as a starting point since it’s a short, quality series that recently ended. I have a handful more reviews in the works as I write, so it shouldn’t be long before the Reviews section gets some meat on its bones.

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