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It lives!

Losing Internet for a few months is a painful experience. Specifically, the kind of painful that makes you want to crucify the company that changed the contract on you, and then the other company that claims it provides great DSL service, but forgets to mention that it loves to disconnect clients every five minutes for no reason.

At any rate. I’m alive. I have 150 gigs of recently downloaded anime (plus the Azumanga Daioh! boxset taunting me from its royal spot on the living room coffee table). It could be worse.

Please feel free to call me any names you want, I need all the goading I can get to start writing again.

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Step 1: Start watching anime.

Done and done, officially six months in the making, though by now I realize I’ve been watching anime informally ever since I was a wee lad. I do wonder if I’ll ever become another jaded, sneering anime fanboy always declaring, “Been there, done that.”

Feel free to pull a Kamina and punch the stupid outta me if I ever do.

Step 2: Write my own anime blog.

Check. Else you wouldn’t be reading this, and I wouldn’t be having so much fun! This blog has accumulated a few thousand hits in the month and a half since I debuted it. Color me tickled pink! Thank you for visiting, commenting, and pumping my ego. I hereby promise to never stick to a schedule or turn boring.

Step 3: Become a fanboy.

Check. Photographic evidence:


Picture me in awe, pawing at it the way the proto-humans of 2001: A Space Odyssey caressed the alien black monolith. Haruhi‘s as good a place as any to start an anime DVD collection, I reckon, although I am a bit disappointed that the box didn’t contain a Mikuru-chan hugging pillow. Methinks a Saturday Haruhi marathon is on the horizon… I may even *gasp* give the dub a try.

And so begins my quest to repay the anime industry for helping me break out of a bout of major depression and for entertaining me without interruption ever since. Here’s to many years of me shelling out my hard-earned dollars so you guys can continue to draw bouncing tits and space stations exploding! Domo arigato gozaimasu. Shinkuru eki? Asoko de!

Step 4: Cosplay.

Uhhhh… I have almost a full year until the next Otakuthon, so we’ll let this one simmer for a while. Already have a few costume ideas however…

-Mr. K

Today’s Karen is: GRATEFULKaren is grateful!

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Yes, yes, worry not, dear reader. The actual content will come soon. But first, allow me to tell you a wondrous tale of wisdom and woe, of delight and despair, of courage and cowardice!

The tale… of how I started watching anime!


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Life is a cycle.

I used to blog on my own GeoShitty site years ago. I applied my wit, back then, to telling amusing personal stories and ranting about the current events. To give you a rough idea of the timeframe, at the time, I endorsed John Kerry over Bush the Younger with all the passion that a very disinterested Canadian observer can muster.

Years! Centuries! Millenia! O Discordia, Stephen King would say.

Since then I’ve changed jobs three times, have received two university diplomas, started eating better in an attempt at fighting the growing spare tire I lug around – and which almost seems to have sprung overnight sometime between when I stopped jogging and got into a certain nameless MMORPG. In other words, lots of things have changed, and I’ve stopped writing.


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