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My first Macross odyssey has come to an end! I’m glad I decided to make that trip, and I’m sure the show will garner a majority of positive reviews, though I wouldn’t go so far as to consider it the year’s best. Maybe this year’s best Macross show? Ha.

Spoiler: happy ending.

Do mind the spoilers if you’ve yet to finish the show. Click below if ye fear naught!


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Summer season finales

Just a quick note: I won’t be making a This Week In Anime post since I’ll be tackling the season finales over the course of the next few days. Macross Frontier should be up first, followed by Code Geass, Antique Bakery, and whatever else I can find subs for these days… Which excludes Real Drive and KKN, sadly. Sigh.

Check back tomorrow!

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And so it had to end, dear readers, this wonderful, quirky, and ultimately pointless series that we somehow all cared for, Koihime Musou. As you may have intuited from the post’s title the finale was underwhelming. It’s almost as if Koihime Musou wanted to flee to the security of the most peddled anime tropes after spending an entire season indulging in sexy fanservice and self-depreciating humor. Ah well. More to read below with a click!

The few, the proud, the girls of Koihime Musou!


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GIANT NEON FLASHING WARNING: Your weekly Koihime Musou fix is in here! I’ll only be discussing two shows today, but trust me, both of them pulled out quite a few surprising twists heading to home base.

Blade Grasp with 100 Brave = overpowered

Blade Grasp with 100 Brave = overpowered!

Guh, need to start going to bed early… Next week’s finale week and there’ll be a whole lotta blogging to do!


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Introducing… just a blogroll.

To quote Bug-Eyed Earl, no man is an island, but if you duct-tape a bunch of dead guys together they make a decent raft. And so it is with bloggers!

How to get on the blog roll:

  1. I’m not a blog hunter scouring the vast expanses of the open Internet looking for acquaintances; I’m mostly content to sit here in my tiny corner of cyberspace and push out posts and reviews on my own like a dedicated worker ant. So please, leave a comment if you read and have a blog of your own, else there’s no way I’ll ever find out about it!
  2. Related to the above, RSS feed is an absolute necessity, otherwise I’ll totally forget about you and your site and hence it won’t ever make it to the Blogroll widget.
  3. Try to write some half-decent posts. (Do as I say, not as I do…)
  4. Hating Suzaku is a sure-fire way to be added nigh-instantaneously, though not a prerequisite.
  5. Although I’ve been known to review hentai games for a prominent Internet humor website, I try not to dabble into the ecchi material, even if I sometimes download a show simply because of its completely arresting title. (“Milk Junkies Sisters”. Hentai or thinly-veiled propaganda from Japan’s Dairy Foods Association? Had to find out. Answer: giant boobs galore.)

-Mr. K

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Forgiveness please.

For me, setting up a new computer is a happier occasion than Christmas and my birthday rolled together in one, simply because of the potential I can smell in the air, crackling lightning that delights me as I plug in the parts and reinstall all the programs to bring this new beast up to speed.

And a beast ’tis. With 2 terabytes of storage and a 24″ screen, it screams “anime watching station” at me… but it also means I wasted my planned day of writing on Koihime Musou and the rest of the week’s shows. Ah well. I will be back tomorrow, promise.

For the moment, I’m off to fiddle some more with this baby’s guts! Metaphorically speaking, of course. My Saturday nights aren’t that satanic.

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(Note: the Koihime Musou post is incoming but will have to wait for tomorrow night. Because tonight is…)
... Among other things.

Among other things.

O, woe is me! How shall I ever survive in the barren wastelands that is the fall anime season without Sekirei‘s plump and nutritious, uhm, morsels to sustain me from now on?

Somehow, I think I’ll manage.


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