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Mmmmm… the smell of the impending fall season has me so excited I almost forgot to watch the summer shows! Not that they’re all worthless, but if I can be brutally honest for a minute, aside from Someday’s Dreamers and Antique Bakery, the summer season has brought us little more than moe heroines tripping over their shoelaces for comic effect and buckets of bouncing boobs (now there’s an arresting image).


OH SNAP. Bismarck dishes out the burns like they're on sale!

More after the break, as usual, dear reader!


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Before you start grilling me about my sources, don’t get too excited, Otou-san from SOS pointed me in the direction of this excellent post over at THAT Anime blog that previews new TV series to air this fall. After combing through the list twice I’ve got a better grasp of what awaits us in fall; go have a looksie, you might be surprised at the variety of new offerings in stark contrast to summer and its draught of worthwhile shows.

Plot summary from THAT's article: "This is a school setting comedy, with students going to a magical school." Wooooooooooooooooow.

My OCD has yet again taken over so I worked overtime separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, into categories of increasing interest. You know what to click if you want to know more!


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Whew! I’m feeling a lot better today. Well enough, as a matter of fact, to make up for yesterday and spend some time discussing this week’s happenings, the blistering heat be damned. I’m also cooking up a preview post for the fall season, which is only a couple of weeks away. It’s a great time to be alive and a lover of huge animated tits.

Wait, what the fuck?

Let's play a game of "Spot The Anatomical Inaccuracy".

Let's play a game of "Spot The Anatomical Inaccuracies". I'm up to nineteen.

I, uh… Woooow. I’m torn between primordial terror and unwilling arousal. Thanks a lot, Sekirei. More below.


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You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m under the weather and I had to work on a Saturday. If I’d known a cold was creeping up on me I never would have agreed to sacrifice half my weekend for a slightly less meager paycheck… Ah well. I wonder, what can this week’s anime do to cheer me up?

Eh, thanks for trying, Sekirei, but clogged sinuses prevent me from worshipping such a glorious, oversized sight.

Heh. Chikage’s a klutz. He’s like the male version of the uber-moe girl who falls on her face every two minutes. What’s the masculine of moe, by the way? Homoe?

Theeeeere we go. Thank you Sunrise.

I’ll have a longer and more proper TWIA post up tomorrow, but for now, I’m doing all I can to keep my head from splitting open and my nose from bursting into flames. I will toss out a question, though: out of all the summer shows I’m not covering, which one is most worthy of discovery? After dumping Strike Witches I have an open slot, which I’m itching to fill with a new series, hopefully one that’s not about nubile underage girls parading their butter-supple thighs around.

-Mr. K

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Studio Dogakobo and its writing staff can’t seem to grasp what made Koihime Musou such a wickedly campy and fun show in the first place. After setting out on a promising note (01-03), the show dipped into yuri fanservice hell (04) followed by a forgettable mess (05), but regained some of its initial vigor (06) after it introduced the thigh-slappingly hilarious Zhuge Loliang, who’s a shoe-in for a spot near the top of my list of favorite new characters of the season. Six months ago I would have stabbed myself if you’d told me I’d be clamoring for moar loli; the world’s a funny place and anime affects the mind in mysterious ways.

I'd hug you if it wasn't physically impossible. Or grounds for arrest.

Now they’ve dropped the ball again with episode 07. Not a complete waste of an episode, mind you, but I must reiterate my original query, do the writers understand what the hell made their show so lovable? I do! And in an attempt to help them out of the fictional hole they’ve dug themselves into I’ll explain it right here and now.


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Tonight's MC: Kyouka on catnip!

Welcome, dear readers, to the first edition of the Midseason Awards, wherein I shall take a look at the best, worst, and most average shows of the season! If you’ve been following my writing since the start few of the discussions below will surprise you, but hey, we should all step back from time to time lest we miss the forest for the trees. If you’re new around here then I hope this post will serve as a window into my anime watching habits and as a summary of the summer’s TV series thus far.

Put on your fanciest tuxedo, slap on a pair of catgirl ears, and let the ceremonies begin!


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We’ve officially reached the halfway mark (mid-August) of the anime summer season. Long-running shows like Code Geass are entering the home stretch while newer offerings have by now revealed their true colors. I’ll post a comprehensive “midterm evaluation” for all the shows I watched either tomorrow or Monday; for the moment, however, let’s revel in this week’s crazy happenings!

Ooooooooooooh it just got good.

Oooooh oh oh oh can I ride can I ride it can I ride it please?

In other news, the Kaiba OST is decent. Nothing mind-blowing, mind you: a lot of tracks are mere variations (or “reinterpretations” if you will) of the same song but with a different rhythm or tint. And the soundtrack’s mood swings wildly between “dark, moody ballad” and “carnival jingle”… Yet playing “Carry Me Away” as I dash out of the office on a Friday night, my heart longing for the weekend, is an inimitable experience that I recommend if your iPod’s got a spare 80 megs you’ve been itching to fill.

Anyway. Clicky clicky for more piccys!


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