Random post is random.

  • Once again, I’ll be in attendance at Montreal’s Otakuthon this weekend. My last (and first) time was in 2008; I was all set to go last year, but had to cancel at the last minute due to work. Expect more pictures of scantily-clad cosplaying females and more wacky free hug anecdotes.
  • I can’t believe I missed it, but yesterday was the day Britannia officially invaded Japan and unleashed Knightmare Frames on the world! Don’t know what I’m talking about? You oughta give it a looksie.

Barely censored boobage: check.

Hirano nosebleeds: check.

My predictive powers are second to none! More after the jump.

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Keep in mind the following sequence doesn’t even last a full minute. No other show crams as much awesomeness per second as High School of the Dead.

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Prayers answered. Two for one, bitches.

Okay, so Hartmann #2 is a well-spoken, responsible, glasses-wearing sister, but still. How delightfully random.

It’s not often that I’m reminded of the manliest anime character in the history of the medium, but Takashi Komuro of High School of the Dead has just managed it. Say hello to Mr. Badass, Summer 2010 Edition.

More after the jump.

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By now I’ve lost all hope of witnessing a miraculous transformation of Strike Witches‘s leitmotiv with its second season. It was, is, and will remain a panty fest. It’s hard to argue with a successful franchise, but man, it’s gone beyond dead horse-beating at this point; the dead horse has been reanimated by necromancy and shot in the head just so they could beat it again.

Oh wacky pants-less hijincks. Will you ever get old?

More crotch action after the jump. He said with a shudder.

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In the tradition of summers past, the Fanservice Fairy has sprinkled her naughty, magical dust all over the goddamn summer shows again, making panties and cleavage blossom everywhere!


Seriously, leg fanservice? That’s… uhm… totally wrong. But lemme stare for a couple minutes to make sure. Oh, and more… after… jump…

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After such a prolonged absence, I told myself it probably would be best to let this place die a noble, forgotten death as a written testament to the vivacious times of the 2008 anime season. What’s that saying again? Let sleeping blogs lie? Something like that.

How ironic that a new show about zombies would motivate me to bring this blog back to life!

Don't underestimate the spear martial arts club!

And here I’d been, not expecting much from the new anime season. Yay for lowered expectations! And for more after the jump.

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It lives!

Losing Internet for a few months is a painful experience. Specifically, the kind of painful that makes you want to crucify the company that changed the contract on you, and then the other company that claims it provides great DSL service, but forgets to mention that it loves to disconnect clients every five minutes for no reason.

At any rate. I’m alive. I have 150 gigs of recently downloaded anime (plus the Azumanga Daioh! boxset taunting me from its royal spot on the living room coffee table). It could be worse.

Please feel free to call me any names you want, I need all the goading I can get to start writing again.

Shows that I’ll be watching and blogging regularly:

  • Toradora! An anime that can be both humorous and touching thanks in large part to its duo of outcast protagonists who find themselves reluctant partners in their romantic crusade; having been an outcast myself in high school I can’t help but sympathize with their plight. Will they stay friends? Will they become more? I’ll just have to continue watching to find out! Also features the homeliest bird in the history of anime. Behold!


  • Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 — Let’s get one fact straight: this ain’t a good show, but it’s so bad at times that it becomes remotely enjoyable, all part of the Trainwreck Appeal. On the plus side Rosario has one of the top three OP themes of the season with the sassy Discotheque. It’s toe-tappingly good and, yes, absolute gratuitous fanservice, but it reminds me of last season’s Koihime Musou and its hilarious ED. It’s enough to get me to look forward to my weekly dose of white cotton. (And Mizore is cool.)
Wait, where's the Twister mat?

Wait, where's the Twister mat?

  • To Aru Majutsu no Index — Another show whose OP is in the top three best of the season. Unlike Rosario, however, TAMNI is far from a train wreck, what with its compelling star-crossed protagonist and a gallerie of (thus far) spiffy characters, first amongst them the poor Index. And is that a hint of GARRR! sprinkled here and there? Why yes it is. (Plus that chick who wears one-legged jeans rocks my world. For some reason she reminds me of a mix of the Natsume sisters from Tenjo Tenge.)

Rood: "a crucifix, esp. a large one at the entrance to the choir or chancel of a medieval church, often supported on a rood beam or rood screen."

Animes that I’ll be watching but blogging occasionally, if at all:

  • Kurozuka — After my gooey outpouring of fan love in my last post you were probably figuring Kurozuka was going to replace Code Geass in my blogging lineup. But the truth is, it might not make a very compelling blogging show, the same way I wasn’t able to discuss Kaiba or Antique Bakery weekly no matter how much they entertained me. And that’s despite Kurozuka boasting some of the most lovingly crafted shots in recent memory, along with yet another excellent OP (speed metal FTW), unbelievable premise potential, and so much blood gushing out of so many arteries you’d think the Red Cross had animated this show. I’ll watch it religiously the second the sub comes out and if I feel I can communicate anything meaningful about the experience, then I’ll write a post about it.
  • Casshern SINS — Depending on how the violence and story ramp up it may become a worthwhile blogging endeavor. I have no clue, though, because I’ve only had the time to watch the first episode so far.
  • Shikabane Hime: Aka — Everything that applies to Casshern applies to this one too. But it’s Gainax. Come on.
  • The rest — I might still give a shot to the slew of other average shows, like CHAOS;HEAD and Tytania. Or I may use that time to catch up on series I haven’t finished yet. Or maybe I’ll hunt down everyone who stopped subbing Real Drive after fifteen episodes. Bastards.

-Mr. K