Random post is random.

  • Once again, I’ll be in attendance at Montreal’s Otakuthon this weekend. My last (and first) time was in 2008; I was all set to go last year, but had to cancel at the last minute due to work. Expect more pictures of scantily-clad cosplaying females and more wacky free hug anecdotes.
  • I can’t believe I missed it, but yesterday was the day Britannia officially invaded Japan and unleashed Knightmare Frames on the world! Don’t know what I’m talking about? You oughta give it a looksie.

Barely censored boobage: check.

Hirano nosebleeds: check.

My predictive powers are second to none! More after the jump.

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Keep in mind the following sequence doesn’t even last a full minute. No other show crams as much awesomeness per second as High School of the Dead.

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Prayers answered. Two for one, bitches.

Okay, so Hartmann #2 is a well-spoken, responsible, glasses-wearing sister, but still. How delightfully random.

It’s not often that I’m reminded of the manliest anime character in the history of the medium, but Takashi Komuro of High School of the Dead has just managed it. Say hello to Mr. Badass, Summer 2010 Edition.

More after the jump.

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By now I’ve lost all hope of witnessing a miraculous transformation of Strike Witches‘s leitmotiv with its second season. It was, is, and will remain a panty fest. It’s hard to argue with a successful franchise, but man, it’s gone beyond dead horse-beating at this point; the dead horse has been reanimated by necromancy and shot in the head just so they could beat it again.

Oh wacky pants-less hijincks. Will you ever get old?

More crotch action after the jump. He said with a shudder.

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In the tradition of summers past, the Fanservice Fairy has sprinkled her naughty, magical dust all over the goddamn summer shows again, making panties and cleavage blossom everywhere!


Seriously, leg fanservice? That’s… uhm… totally wrong. But lemme stare for a couple minutes to make sure. Oh, and more… after… jump…

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